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Your boss just asked for an important file but the file cabinet you kept it in is jammed. What will you do? Can you risk telling your boss that you lost the key? If you are located in Sarasota, FL you can call Little Village Locksmith Store immediately. We will arrive within minutes and open the jammed lock for you in no time. We can also make you an extra set of key on-the-spot.

Securing your documents:

If you want to keep your important files, documents and other sensitive material safe, the best way to do it is by locking them into a file cabinet. Keeping them together in one place will not only help you organize them but also keep them safe from prying eyes. You can also access them easily, when you need them. However, when your file cabinet has locked you out or you lose the key, only calling a professional locksmith will get you out of that situation.

If you require quick, professional file cabinet unlock service, just call Little Village Locksmith Store. We offer just what you need and that too at a reasonable price. 

Locks that we work with:

There are different types of locks available these days. Some of them include:

  • Cam-type Lock: Cylindrical lock is activated by rotating a backend mechanism.
  • Plunger-type Lock : You can open this lock by using a key. However, while closing it, you can simply press the body of the lock.
  • High-tech Locks : There are several high-tech lock options, including electronic keypad locks and locks with built-in alarms. These are beneficial for people who tend to misplace keys often.
  • Keyless combination : These locks do not need any keys to access the contents of the cabinet.

Little Village Locksmith Store Sarasota, FL 941-677-7272Little Village Locksmith Store technicians are equipped with profound knowledge of all kinds of locks. When you call us, we dispatch our best men within minutes. They not only come with treasure trove of experience, but also sophisticated tools, allowing them to fix your problem of unlocking file cabinets, then and there. There is not a single file cabinet lock that their expert hands cannot tackle. Apart from unlocking services, we also offer a number of unique services including:

  • Installation of file cabinet lock
  • Repair and replacement of file cabinet locks
  • Rekey, key duplication service

And much more

If you require unlocking file cabinet service, anywhere in Sarasota, FL, you can contact Little Village Locksmith Store on 941-677-7272